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Nickname Message Date
MoinMax moin 2021-11-28
Siver please contact a staff in discord 2021-11-19
PlanDemic cant reveive email activation 2021-11-18
StormyV2 Hia 2021-11-03
Blacky121 cant login / invalid username or pw ? wtf 2021-10-16
Jormund I don't agree to play the game. Is it under maintenance? 2021-09-28
Areth Hello is the serv down ? Maintenance 2021-09-28
Duck Hui 2021-09-28
Zojo00o ขอโค้ดไม่ได่ 2021-09-27
lillie931 did u register from email or confirm from email aswell 2021-09-26
sid guy can someone tell me please? 2021-09-22
sid guy how do i start playing??? 2021-09-22
Forte I can't find my way out of Mt Moon. I even used the "Goto" button in my quests 2021-09-22
majes xod,z 2021-09-21
Jukry cant log in to 2021-09-19
Rabenmoppel Hey, is the server offline, i can`t login ingame ? 2021-09-14
Siver homepage is made by the community register for the game is ingame 2021-09-02
Hienaloka i cant login on game but on site is normal. 2021-09-02
Zywyssj Wtf i made acc but cant log in 2021-08-30
Siver buy lootboxes ingame every amount is enough 2021-08-28