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Legendary Birds

Cat. Boss
Description The 3 legendary birds meet once a day on Sevii Islands at the top of the Mt. Ember Summit to fight together against you. Of course there are many rare drops.
Location Mt. Ember Summit (One Island)
Region Kanto

General Information

Requirement Feather Quest of Npc Darlia done


Pokedoller   1000 - 7500
Gold   5 - 50
EXP 200 - 375
Items   Kasib Berry,   Charti Berry,   Tanga Berry,   Payapa Berry,   Coba Berry,   Shuca Berry,   Jade Orb,   Super Repel,   Rare Candy,   Apicot Berry,   Cherish Ball,   Premier Ball,   Max Repel,   Ultra Ball,   Big Mushroom,   Max Revive,   PP Max,   Ether,   Heart Scale,   Red Shard,   Blue Shard,   Yellow Shard,   Green Shard,   Big Pearl,   Star Piece,   Rare Bone,   Big Nugget,   Sharp Beak,   Gold Box Small ,   Reroll Token,
Pokemon-Egg   Zapdos,   Articuno,   Moltres,

Pokemon Boss Team 1

Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Articuno Timid Freeze-Dry Ice Beam Blizzard Hurricane
Zapdos Timid Heat Wave Discharge Thunderbolt U-turn
Moltres Timid Heat Wave Flamethrower Air Slash Hurricane