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Images Name Daytime Encounter method Rarity Notes
Goldeen Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod
Slowpoke Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod
Psyduck Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod
Krabby Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod
Seadra Good Rod, Super Rod
Horsea Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod
Lanturn Good Rod, Super Rod
Chinchou Good Rod, Super Rod
Gyarados Good Rod, Super Rod
Magikarp Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod
Tentacool Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod
Electrode You can trade Raichu for Electrode in the lab.
Tangela You can trade Venonat for Tangela in the lab.
Seel You can trade Ponyta for Seel in the lab.

Icon Name Info Cat.
Iron Medicine
Magmarizer General items
Star Piece General items
Rare Candy Rare Candy Location Guide Medicine
Stardust General items

Icon Name Cat. Price
Potion Medicine 300
Super Potion Medicine 700
Hyper Potion Medicine 1200
Max Potion Medicine 2500
Full Heal Medicine 600
Ultra Ball Pokeballs 1200
Great Ball Pokeballs 600
Poké Ball Pokeballs 200
Antidote Medicine 100
Burn Heal Medicine 250
Ice Heal Medicine 250
Awakening Medicine 250
Paralyze Heal Medicine 200
Full Restore Medicine 3000
Revive Medicine 1500
Repel General items 350
Super Repel General items 500
Max Repel General items 700
Escape Rope General items 500

  Venonat Venonat   Tangela Tangela
  Dr. Fur
  Ponyta Ponyta   Seel Seel

  Mr. Egg (Egg Tutor Kanto)
Info Mr Egg will teach your Pokémon all the egg moves it could learn. He takes everytime 8000
, 100
and one
Big Mushroom, or if your pokemon already learned that Move you need to pay 4000
und 2 x
Tiny Mushroom