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Images Name Daytime Encounter method Rarity Notes
Psyduck -
Slowpoke -
Koffing -
Magikarp Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod
Grimer Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod
Eevee Conduminiums Back Door

Images Name Daytime Rarity Notes
Spearow -
Heracross -

Icon Name Info Cat.
Poké Ball East of PokéCenter, behind tree. Pokeballs
Poké Ball Hidden, in rock west of Silph Co. Pokeballs
Poké Ball Balcony of condominiums. Pokeballs
Poké Ball South-east of map (forest path)
Coin Case Npc Mr. Crowley (in House east of Game Corner) Key Item
TM53 Energy Ball Reward of Gym Leader. Machines
Coins 20 Coins hidden in a slot machine. General items
Coins 10 Coins hidden in a slot machine. General items
Coins 10 Coins from Npc Roy. General items
Coins 20 Coins from Npc Siggy. General items
Coins 20 Coins from Npc Dr. Gamble. General items
Coins 20 Coins In flower pot on cashier desk.
General items

Icon Name Cat. Price
Fresh Water Medicine 200
Soda Pop Medicine 300
Lemonade Medicine 350

  Left Cashier (Celadon)
Potion Potion   300 
Super Potion Super Potion   700 
Revive Revive   1500 
Antidote Antidote   100 
Paralyze Heal Paralyze Heal   200 
Ice Heal Ice Heal   250 
Awakening Awakening   250 
  Right Cashier (Celadon)
Poké Ball Poké Ball   200 
Great Ball Great Ball   600 
Escape Rope Escape Rope   550 
Repel Repel   350 
Super Repel Super Repel   500 
Burn Heal Burn Heal   200 
  TM Cashier (Celadon)
TM05 Roar TM05 Roar   1000 
TM10 Hidden Power TM10 Hidden Power   3000 
TM11 Sunny Day TM11 Sunny Day   2000 
TM12 Taunt TM12 Taunt   1500 
TM15 Hyper Beam TM15 Hyper Beam   7500 
TM17 Protect TM17 Protect   3000 
TM18 Rain Dance TM18 Rain Dance   2000 
TM27 Return TM27 Return   1000 
TM28 Dig TM28 Dig   2000 
TM31 Brick Break TM31 Brick Break   3000 
TM32 Double Team TM32 Double Team   1000 
TM33 Reflect TM33 Reflect   1000 
TM37 Sandstorm TM37 Sandstorm   2000 
TM45 Attract TM45 Attract   3000 
TM87 Swagger TM87 Swagger   1500 
TM54 False Swipe TM54 False Swipe   2000 
  Stones Saleswoman
Poké Doll Poké Doll   1000 
Fire Stone Fire Stone   2100 
Thunder Stone Thunder Stone   2100 
Water Stone Water Stone   2100 
Leaf Stone Leaf Stone   2100 
  Vitamin Cashier
HP Up HP Up   100 Gold
Protein Protein   100 Gold
Iron Iron   100 Gold
Carbos Carbos   100 Gold
Calcium Calcium   100 Gold
Zinc Zinc   100 Gold
  Battle Buddy
X Attack X Attack   500 
X Defense X Defense   550 
X Speed X Speed   350 
X Accuracy X Accuracy   950 
X Sp. Atk X Sp. Atk   350 
X Sp. Def X Sp. Def   350 
  Item Prize (Casino Kanto)
Smoke Ball Smoke Ball   800 Coins
Miracle Seed Miracle Seed   1000 Coins
Charcoal Charcoal   1000 Coins
Mystic Water Mystic Water   1000 Coins
  Pokemon Prize (Casino Kanto)
  Abra Abra 180 Coins
  Clefairy Clefairy 500 Coins
  Dratini Dratini 2800 Coins
  Pinsir Pinsir 5000 Coins
  Scyther Scyther 5500 Coins
  Porygon Porygon 9999 Coins
  TM Prize (Casino Kanto)
TM13 Ice Beam TM13 Ice Beam   4000 Coins
TM24 Thunderbolt TM24 Thunderbolt   4000 Coins
TM30 Shadow Ball TM30 Shadow Ball   4500 Coins
TM35 Flamethrower TM35 Flamethrower   4500 Coins
TM32 Double Team TM32 Double Team   4000 Coins
TM10 Hidden Power TM10 Hidden Power   6000 Coins
TM29 Psychic TM29 Psychic   8000 Coins
TM74 Gyro Ball TM74 Gyro Ball   8000 Coins
TM68 Giga Impact TM68 Giga Impact   9999 Coins

  Mrs. Moon
Info For donation of
1000 She will return your Hold Item into your invetory