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Images Name Daytime Encounter method Rarity Notes
Alomomola (Phenomenon)
Jellicent (Phenomenon)
Seadra (Phenomenon)
Qwilfish (Phenomenon)
Lumineon (Phenomenon)
Kingdra (Phenomenon)

Icon Name Info Cat.
Shoal Salt Hidden, in small wooden box, on small island left of Swimmer Berke, coming from U18. (after B/W story) General items
TM06 Toxic On the large island close to Route entrance Machines
Big Pearl Hidden, in small wooden box, near TM06 item General items
Deep Sea Tooth On island at south center of route Hold items
Max Potion On small island near Swimmer Wright, coming from U18 Medicine
Heart Scale Hidden, in small wooden box on northernmost island, coming from U18 General items
Heart Scale Hidden in small brown box on small island, west of P2 Laboratory General items
Shoal Shell From route entrance, on island towards north, hidden in small gray rock. (after BW2 story) General items
Blue Shard Western end of large island (after BW2) General items