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Images Name Daytime Encounter method Rarity Notes

Icon Name Info Cat.
HM07 Dive From NPC Jacques (outside) Machines
Prism Scale Gift from NPC Mr. Smith in PokéCenter General items
Big Nugget North, behind houses General items
Potion South of entrance to Reversal Mountain Medicine

Icon Name Cat. Price
Potion Medicine 300
Super Potion Medicine 700
Hyper Potion Medicine 1200
Max Potion Medicine 2500
Full Heal Medicine 600
Poké Ball Pokeballs 200
Great Ball Pokeballs 600
Ultra Ball Pokeballs 1200
Antidote Medicine 100
Burn Heal Medicine 250
Ice Heal Medicine 250
Awakening Medicine 250
Paralyze Heal Medicine 200
Full Restore Medicine 3000
Revive Medicine 1500
Repel General items 350
Super Repel General items 500
Max Repel General items 700
Escape Rope General items 500


Requirement Story finished, Spring and Summer you can fight Cynthia every day, Autumn and Winter only once.


Pokedoller   5000
EXP 60
Pokemon-Egg   Cobalion,

Pokemon Boss Team 1

Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Lucario Docile Close Combat Flash Cannon Psychic Extreme Speed
Spiritomb Docile Shadow Ball Double Team Curse Hypnosis
Milotic Docile Hydro Pump Blizzard Attract Rest
Togekiss Docile Air Slash Aura Sphere Extreme Speed Thunder Wave
Glaceon Docile Ice Beam Shadow Ball Signal Beam Barrier
Garchomp Docile Dragon Rush Earthquake Stone Edge Fire Blast

  The Riches

Requirement Finish Story, Weekly


Pokedoller   5000
EXP 250
Pokemon-Egg   Keldeo,

Pokemon Boss Team 1

Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Buizel Random Nature Hydro Pump Agility Aqua Tail Razor Wind

Pokemon Boss Team 2

Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Teddiursa Random Nature Fling Thrash Snore Rest
Lopunny Random Nature Bounce Entrainment Charm After You

Pokemon Boss Team 3

Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Bronzor Random Nature Heavy Slam Heal Block Payback Extrasensory
Kangaskhan Random Nature Reversal Sucker Punch Outrage Endure
Golurk Random Nature Hammer Arm Earthquake Curse Night Shade

Pokemon Boss Team 4

Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Shuckle Random Nature Sticky Web Stone Edge Power Split Guard Split
Politoed Random Nature Hyper Voice Bounce Swagger Perish Song
Lickilicky Random Nature Gyro Ball Wring Out Power Whip Screech
Krookodile Random Nature Outrage Earthquake Sandstorm Foul Play

Pokemon Boss Team 5

Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Weavile Random Nature Dark Pulse Punishment Snatch Night Slash
Kingdra Random Nature Hydro Pump Dragon Dance Dragon Pulse Agility
Vespiquen Random Nature Fell Stinger Destiny Bond Swagger Attack Order
Heatmor Random Nature Flare Blitz Swallow Stockpile Spit Up
Excadrill Random Nature Fissure Drill Run Sandstorm Swords Dance

Pokemon Boss Team 6

Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Donphan Random Nature Giga Impact Earthquake Scary Face Magnitude
Bisharp Random Nature Swords Dance Iron Head Night Slash Iron Defense
Lanturn Random Nature Charge Ion Deluge Hydro Pump Aqua Ring
Haxorus Random Nature Guillotine Swords Dance Dragon Pulse Taunt
Braviary Random Nature Brave Bird Whirlwind Sky Drop Crush Claw
Tangrowth Random Nature Block Power Whip Grassy Terrain Wring Out

  Billionaire Maniac
1000  Relic Copper Relic Copper
2000  Relic Silver Relic Silver
2500  Relic Gold Relic Gold
5000  Relic Vase Relic Vase
7000  Relic Band Relic Band
8000  Relic Statue Relic Statue
9000  Relic Crown Relic Crown
5000  Blue Flute Blue Flute
5000  Yellow Flute Yellow Flute
5000  Red Flute Red Flute
5000  Black Flute Black Flute
5000  White Flute White Flute