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Icon Name Info Cat.
Max Repel Hidden, in bin in front of Pokémon Center General items
Ultra Ball Hidden, in bin left of wooden sign with hedge around it Pokeballs
Fresh Water Gift from NPC Roger in gym Medicine
TM82 Dragon Tail Gym leader reward Machines
Master Ball Main quest reward Pokeballs

Icon Name Cat. Price
Potion Medicine 300
Super Potion Medicine 700
Hyper Potion Medicine 1200
Max Potion Medicine 2500
Full Heal Medicine 600
Poké Ball Pokeballs 200
Great Ball Pokeballs 600
Ultra Ball Pokeballs 1200
Antidote Medicine 100
Burn Heal Medicine 250
Ice Heal Medicine 250
Awakening Medicine 250
Paralyze Heal Medicine 200
Full Restore Medicine 3000
Revive Medicine 1500
Repel General items 350
Super Repel General items 500
Max Repel General items 700
Escape Rope General items 500