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Android Version Live and New Windows Client

There is a new client for PokéOne. The old client has been replaced by the last revised Test Client. In addition, the Andriod version is now live and can be downloaded by all users at any time.

There are several reasons why the Windows client has been replaced by a new version. The most important one is that the new client is cross-operating system. So that Shane only has to work on one version and can use the client on other operating systems like Linux, Mac, Android. Furthermore many bugs were fixed in the same step and many functions were reworked and improved.

In addition, the new client works with a much lower work intensity than the old one, so players with worse computers can also enjoy playing PokeOne. Unova will offer many new features and new gaming experiences for PokéOne. These will also need to be well presented and implemented in the client. Those who have been added with the new version.

Android version is now live
The Android version is now on the market and available for every player. With the new client the Android version can now be released. It has been tested extensively and 99% of bugs and problems have been fixed. Have fun playing PokéOne in any situation if your phone has Internet.

Mobile phone requirements
- Android 7.0 or above to run
- A good amount of free space, (some users can not install the game unless they have like 8gb or so free for some reason), however the game is about 1.6gb in size..
- at least 1gb free ram
- a reasonably modern top tier phone.. but you can see a list of working devices here, which you should be able to add to
List of working Devices

The Download Link for the APK file u can find in PokéOne Discord or here in our Download section.
Than have fun and good luck your PokéOne Community Team.

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