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Halloween event has started!!!

This year's Halloween event has just opened. In Lavender Town, Ecruteak City, Saffron Station and on Hollow Island all players can do the Halloween Quest again. Like last year, you can find all guides among our guides.

The Halloween Maps can be found to the right of Lavender Towen, in Ecruteak when you're on your way to Bell Tower and Hollow Island you can enter via Vermillion or Olivine Harbour.

Again this year you can catch all Event Pokémon, but some new ones have been added. Since this is probably what you're most interested in, we'll go right into it.

All Event Spawns on Hollow Island

Deadman´s Landing:
, Poochyena
, Sandygast *NEW*

Bonebury End:
, Yamask
, Grubbin *NEW*

Fallmoor Fields:

Malicia´s Cave
, Dhelmise *NEW*

Lavender Graveyard and Ecruteak Graveyard have the same Spawns

Mimikyu *NEW*
, Honedge

There's also a new flight mount for everyone. Wingull was added when you finished the task ??? on Hollow Island.

Then have fun with the story and good luck with the hunting!!! You will find all our guides here.

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