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This weekend a 32 slot Turnament #Little Tourney 3

This Saturday, PokéOne Community is again hosting a PvP tournament, with a prize pool of 5 million Pokédollar and Reroll tokens. Everybody who is interested to participate or to watch the live on our stream is cordially invited.

Hi guys, we're having another our #3 Little Tournament. 32 participants have room to fight for a prize money of 5 Million. The tournament will be held this Saturday/Sunday. Cutebun will the first time moderate a Event for us as Caster we are 100% sure he will make a great job and be nice to him ! He has a huge knowlege about PvP and will us many fact about Pokémon. The link to the tournament will be posted here 30 minutes before the tournament starts. I hope we will have a lot of fun and see some epic matches. All further information can be found below.

When will the tournament be held?
14th/15st September 2019 Depending on your region.
1900 GMT + 2, SATURDAY, 14.
1400 BRT, SATURDAY, 14.
1300 EST, SATURDAY, 14.
0300 GMT +10, SUNDAY, 15.
0100 GMT +8, SUNDAY, 15.

How is the prize pool divided?
1. - 1,5 MILLION, 50 Reroll Token
2. - 800K, 35 Reroll Token
Semifinal - 300k + 20 Reroll Token
Quaterfinals - 150k + 10 Reroll Token

What are the rules?
This tournament is also played according to the normal PokéOne Ladder rules. You can find them in PokéOne under the General tab on the left.

We will also have many giveaways which you can win as a spectator

Good luck to all participants and lots of fun for the spectators!
your PokéOne Community Team

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