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PokeOne Server issues lasting almost 20 hours 20th to 21st of July

Server issues lasting almost 20 hours that resulted in multiple outages, script errors and players being told to play at their own risk.

This week has been a rough one for the devs of
Pokeone as they have been dealing with server issues and multiple outages. First it started with mild lag that caused players discomfort but was bearable, after a while players started reporting scripting errors in mass which resulted in the server going down for fixes with an undetermined ETA.

Six and a half hours had passed, players
started noticing the servers were up but no announcement was made so many advised against logging in, one such person was Serena, a Pokeone Mod stated that
If you login the game before any official announcement saying that the server is up and available, any loss in your accounts such as Pokemon, items, PokeDollars and Gold will not be compensated.
Some did not heed this warning.

Another three hours had passed and the game was put into a play at your own risk for ten hours,
after the ten hours had passed Xanatus resolved the issues.
Note ∨∧
The Devs work hard to keep servers functioning and need sleep. The game is also in early beta so these problems will arise.

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