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Halloween Art Contest

The Halloween Art Contest has been evaluated. There were a lot of very good entries that amazed us again and again how much artistic talent there is in the community. There were 2 different types of art that could be submitted digitally and handmade. Everything else you can find in this news.

There were many different entries the decision was not easy for Mikan to choose the right artwork. You can find all submissions in our gallery.

In the digital section, PotatoLilith took first place with a creepy picture in the forest. Xaum earned the second place a very nice Halloween party with Gengar, Mimikyu and Gourgeist. Third place goes to Vanessar with a very dark setting at a Halloween party.

The Digital winners:

Place 1: PotatoLilith

Place 2: Xuaum

Place 3: Vanessar

The Handmade winners:

In the handmade section, first place went to Nohemia with a beautiful little Halloween town. The second place goes to Tanyshiia with a beautiful Halloween-themed picture in a cemetery. Yaaas took third place with a beautiful dark picture made of acrylic paint on a field at night with Gengar as the background.

Place 1: Nohemia

Place 2: Tanyshiia

Place 3: Yaaas

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