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Destiny Island Part 1 is Open!

Rusty just released the first part of Destiny Island today. This marks the start of the own Kalos region in PokéOne. Destiny Island is specially designed for the party function of PokeOne so it will be really hard if you try it alone! Grab your friends and start playing!

In order to enter Destiny Island, you have to fulfil a few prerequisites. Here are the requirements:

  • Level 80 in Johto
  • Kanto Pokemon League
  • Kanto Ruins Of Evil
  • Johto Pokemon League
  • Johto The Resident Is Evil
  • Johto Pirate The Curse
  • Unova BW and BW2 League
  • Unova The city out break
  • Win against Mewtwo 1x
  • Win against Ash 1x

You can enter Destiny Island from Unova Lentimas Town. Simply speak to Captain Phillips in his house.

Then have fun exploring and good luck not losing too often.Here some Picture we release before on our social media platforms.

Comments: 3
  • 2021-07-09
    Location: -

    Posts: 1

    <p>some of us are&nbsp;playing alone...seems&nbsp;pokeone is no longer for everyone</p>

  • 2022-05-20
    Location: -

    Posts: 1

    2021-07-09 at
    10:22 PM - <a href="/index.php?mod=users&amp;action=view&amp;id=49454">pidgy</a>:
    <blockquote class="blockquote"><p>some of us are&nbsp;playing alone...seems&nbsp;pokeone is no longer for everyone</p></blockquote>If you are not the only one playing alone, you can party with other users playing alone, duh

  • 2021-08-14
    Location: -

    Posts: 1

    <p><b>When will you make Unova free as a starting location? I've been waiting for a year :(&nbsp;</b></p>

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