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PokeOne Major Tournament II

Hello PokéOne Community, today we are happy to announce that the 2nd PokéOne Major Tournament is about to start, the perfect place for all PvP masters to show how great their skills are! For everyone else it will be a spectacle like no other. The prize pool for the whole tournament is 200€ + 30.000.000 Pokedollar + 800 Reroll Tokens. And of course a bonus Shiny Impish Mew for the first place.

The PokéOne Major Tournament will be held on June 05 and 06 starting at 3pm (German time), more detailed information with timezones will be given below.

We were also able to get 2 masters among the casters for the major. I think we don't need to introduce them both anymore, as it's our legendary Cutebun and Kingmeliodas who will guide us through the games over the weekend.

How can I qualify for the Major Tournament?
We will hold 4 qualifying tournaments with 64 participants each. These will be held in different timezones so that everyone have a chance to participate. You can only participate in one of the 4 qualifiers, cheating will lead to complete exclusion and banned from future events.

You will find the qualifying tournaments here on our homepagein the new Tournament section: click here

Please let this be a reminder you!
To register only if you know 100% that you will be available on the days of the Major tournament, Qualification and Finale.

All Important Times:
Qualification Tournament 1 Europe Time Zone
17.05.21 - Monday
6PM - CET (Central European Time)

Qualification Tournament 2 American Time Zone
19.05.21 - Wednesday
6pm - PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Qualification Tournament 3 Asian Time Zone
21.05.21 - Friday
6pm - UTC+8

Qualification Tournament 4 Australia Time Zone
23.05.21 Sunday
6pm - AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Even if the qualifiers are in their own time zone, everyone has to be there at the same time for the Major Tournament. Don't forget to check below for the Major Tournament timings that will be held before registering.

Major Event weekend
Major Tournament Day One 05.06.2021 (Saturday):
3 p.m. - CET (Central European Time)
6 a.m. - PST (Pacific Standard Time)
9pm - UTC+8 Singapore
11 p.m. - AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Major Tournament Day Two 06.06.2021 (Sunday):
5 p.m. - CET (Central European Time)
8 a.m. - PST (Pacific Standard Time)
11 p.m. - UTC+8 Singapore
1 a.m. - AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) (Monday)


1st Place:
150€, 15million Pokédollars, 500 Reroll Tokens and Shiny Impish Mew

2nd Place:
50€, 10million Pokédollars and 200 Tokens

3rd Place:
5 million Pokedollars and 100 Tokens

For each Qualifier Tournament, only the first and second place will get a ticket for the Major. Which will finalize into a 8 participant battle that will held on 5th and 6th June.

Stay tuned for the Qualifiers Registration Link. Make sure you read the full post thoroughly and confirm the timings which you are able to make it on both Qualifier and Major before you sign up.

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