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Ten thousand members on the Discord+ GIVEAWAY

Hello my dear Community we have reached the 10000 members on our Community Discord and that is a reason to celebrate and say thank you and to review the time a little bit. Furthermore we are organising a huge giveaway on our Discord as a thank you! You can win from 1Mil Pokédollar to Week Buffs or even very rare Pokemon.

It is now almost exactly 3 years ago that Octalon and Siver founded this project together. On 17.12.2017 the foundation stone for this project was laid. We wanted to build a guild and create a homepage that stands for guides, news, videos, events and fun.

In the beginning we started the project under the name Rising Phoenix. Octalon urged me to program it in 2 languages and he did it in a great way (English & German). The guild has grown and so have the tasks that go with it. It was a great time where we all had a lot of fun and competed with other guilds in PvP or just spent time together.

But for me (Siver) and I think I can also speak for Octalon in this case that the scope of the homepage of each new and finished function has taken more and more time. The Pokedex alone has taken 6 months from the first planning to the release. Which made the work for the guild more and more difficult, which was also criticized by our members, which is totally understandable. Nevertheless it was a nice time I like to look back on!

So we had to make a hard decision and dissolved the guild so that the team that formed around the homepage can concentrate more on the community factor. In that hour, PokéOne Community was born and the homepage, Discord and the team were fully committed to the community.

It wouldn't be such a nice project without all of you, so a huge thank you to all of you! Thanks to our team who are always working hard on new guides and who make the Discord a friendly place to be. Thanks to the developer team Sonic, Rusty, Mr. Script, Xanatus and Marcus who always support us no matter how unusual our ideas were. Thanks to Pastelito, Graves, Mikan for all the time in our joint projects.

To give a little back to the community we have prepared a big giveaway. To take part in the giveaway, you simply need to join our PokéOne Community Discord, go to the Giveaway Channel and respond with Tada under each giveaway. I wish you all good luck. Here a direct link to our Discord

You can win this:

5x 1.000.000 Pokedollar

10x Rare Week Buff


Alola Marowak


Shiny Gigalith

Shiny Palossand

Shiny Swellow

Shiny Trevenant

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