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PokéOne Community News

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Unova is published!!!!

UNOVA was published. Players who are level 80 or have donated something in the past can now start a new adventure in Unova.


PokéOne Unova Trailer

We have the honor to present you the official PokéOne Unova Trailer. Here you can see the first impressions of the new region. We wish you a lot of fun.


Christmas Event is Open

The Christmas event has just started and this year PokéOne presents us again with a great event. Many new maps with extra Event Pokémon which we can catch. A huge questline to play through daily bosses and more.


Android Version Live and New Windows Client

There is a new client for PokéOne. The old client has been replaced by the last revised Test Client. In addition, the Andriod version is now live and can be downloaded by all users at any time.


The PokéOne community now has its own FORUM.

New feature on PokéOne Community is ready. The last weeks Octalon has been working on a new forum for our homepage. It is now ready and we can publish it. Have fun using it.


Link: Forum Link

Halloween event has started!!!

This year's Halloween event has just opened. In Lavender Town, Ecruteak City, Saffron Station and on Hollow Island all players can do the Halloween Quest again. Like last year, you can find all guides among our guides.


Autumn Giveaway

PokeOne Community organizes a giveaway again. Autumn has struck here in Europe and we have many rainy days ahead of us. But we want to make the days more beautiful with some presents.


Mobile Client for Smartphones and Tablets

PokeOne is now available as a beta client for your smartphone and/or tablet. Here you can find out how to get the app to your device, what you need for it and what you need to know so far as well as the link to our analysis video of the app