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PokéOne Community News

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Winter Event 2020 is released

Today on 1.12.2020 the Winter Event was opened. There is a lot to discover. A gigantic story that lasts 6-7 hours without guides or previous knowledge. From Mt. Silver Lower Mountainside you get to the Event Map.


Ten thousand members on the Discord+ GIVEAWAY

Hello my dear Community we have reached the 10000 members on our Community Discord and that is a reason to celebrate and say thank you and to review the time a little bit. Furthermore we are organising a huge giveaway on our Discord as a thank you! You can win from 1Mil Pokédollar to Week Buffs or even very rare Pokemon.


Halloween Event extended and Christmas event leaks

The Halloween event has been extended until Sunday 8.11.2020 Australian Time. For all of you who haven't played the event yet, you have got a little extra time. For everyone else, grab your Pokeballs and Sync Pokemon again and fill your boxes with rare Event Pokemon which you can sell for a lot of money later. We also have some winter event leaks.


Halloween Art Contest Winner

All Halloween art contests were submitted and the jury (Mikan and her sister) evaluated all pictures and the winners were selected!


PokéOne Halloween Art Contest

Today Mikan is beginning a new contest for all players that are interested. To enter this contest you must draw or paint a halloween scene that is based on the PokeOne halloween event itself.


Halloween Event is Released!

The Halloween event was released today. We can now go to the Halloween Map. A huge event that will include 4 big mainstories, with many hours of content. New Pokémon that can only be caught in this event can all be found here in the News!


Pokeone Update Halloween, Pvp and even more!!

Today, PokéOne has given us another update. Most of it goes to the Halloween event that starts on October 1st. But there were a lot of other things that were new and improved like update on PVP features, new clothes, new mounts and more. You can find out what has been added here in the news.


Sevii Island Trailer & Peak Stream

This weekend we had the honour to present the Official Sevii Islands Trailer on our stream. For all who missed it you can watch it here. Furthermore there will be an event with Peak on Sevii Island.