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PokéOne Community News

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PokéOne is almost ready for release!

Get ready and try to use your holiday or get some days off work, an awesome journey awaits you - soon. PokéOne is nearly released and Rising Phoenix is pretty sure that PokéOne will join the Open Beta at the end of this month.


Client Update and infos to PvP

Today's been a client update to comfort us players. Besides we asked Shane a few questions about PvP.


PokéOne preview: Fly-map

The PokéOne-team teased a video for the upcoming flying-map and flying-system today. It looks awesome, click "read more" for more information.


New Interview: This time - Rusty

Here it goes - our new interview. This time with Rusty, staff and mapping-master of PokéOne.


Link: Interview with Rusty

Database wipe - new Loginscreen new Client Update

There was a bigger update to PokeOne.The player accounts were reset. New functions, a new login screen and much more was implemented. For further details keep on reading.


PokéOne is looking for new Tester

PokéOne is currently looking for new tester, be quick to catch a spot and test the game. Get more information in the "readmore" section.


New Client update

A new client update got uploaded today. A lot of smaller bugs occurring during battle got fixed, as well as some major bugs in the PVP matches. A couple of Pokémon models got switched over to the new Design. Dito and Zoroark had some issues in the past, which should be fixed by now. Further testing is required.


Two new Videos

Today we uploaded our first English video. You can find it on our homepage or on our YouTube channel in the "pokeone first impressions" section. It is about layouts and some other functions. The second video is currently made, stay tuned. We also had a 3v3 fun-battle yesterday. Have fun watching.