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  • Admin:    Vnetic
    In-Game Nick:    Vnetic
    Discord Tag:    Vn3tic#0420
PokeOne OverUsed Tournament
Cup system
Player versus Player
Kind of Cup
Maximum players
Registered players
Checked in players
Check in time
2023-01-15 at 4:30 PM
Registration deadline
2023-01-15 at 5:00 PM
Rounds remaining

The Cup is finished.

  • Info:

    Hello my dear PvP fans, with this tournament we continue the weekly tournament series. We would like to invite everyone, dare and face the other players to win the prize money. We wish you good luck and fun! If you have any questions just contact the tournament admin via the homepage or Discord, he can explain everything to you.

    1st place: 300 Reroll tokens
    2nd place: 150 Reroll Tokens
    Round 4: 30 Reroll Tokens
    Round 3: 15 Reroll Tokens
    Round 2: 6 Reroll Tokens

    *Please make sure that you have set the correct time zone in your profile. Here you can find 3 picture guides that might help you.

    The tournament will run completely without streaming. This way we hope that the tournaments will not consume so much time. Among all participants will be raffled 1 week buff where the winner can choose.