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  • Moltres location
Writer Kazanryu at 2018-10-14 at 7:15 PM 1

In this guide you will find all the info we know of on how to find and catch Moltres.

-Moltres is catchable after beating the Elite 4.
-If Moltres faints, it will respawn after a week of real life time.

Where to find Moltres?

Moltres can be caught in the Victory Road, after beating the Elite 4.

First fly to the Indigo Plateau. Then run down to the Victory road, enter and run to the left up through the entrance.

Then run downwards, turn left upwards and enter the hole.

Run downstairs und keep going to your right.Climb the ladder and enter the next hole. Now run downwards past the hole and go to the platform with the rock smash rock.

From there, run to the left to the upper hole.

Now you reached Moltres.

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