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  • Tanoby Ruins/Mystic Ticket
Writer Ferret at 2021-05-31 at 4:57 AM 1

In this guide we'll show you how to complete the Tanoby Ruins quest and obtain the Mystic Ticket needed to travel to Navel Rock.

-Rainbow pass is required
-Surf and Strength HMs are required

To unlock the Tanoby Ruins, located on Seven Island, you'll first need need to enter Tanoby Key near the entrance of Sevault Canyon, south from the main body of Seven Island and the Canyon Entrance.

Inside Tanoby Key at the entrance, press space on the large boulder to allow a Pokémon with Strength to push it aside.

Past the boulder there will be 7 statues, each marked with roman numerals 1 through 7. Activate the switches on these statues in numerical order.

After activating all the switches, you will enter a triple battle with 3 Unowns. Defeat them and the Tanoby Ruins chambers will be unlocked.

Exit Tanoby Key and continue making your way south through Sevault Canyon to eventually reach an open body of water. From here, Surf will be required to reach the Tanoby Ruins chambers spread throughout the area.

Each chamber will require inputting given letters in the correct order to form a word to enter.

The solution for these anagram puzzles will be one of the following:


In the center of each of these chambers is an Unown. When interacted with, another anagram of a random Generation 1 Pokémon's name will need to be solved, followed by a battle with that Pokémon.

If you're struggling to solve one of these random puzzles, some external anagram solver websites are able to unscramble names of Pokémon. Additionally, if you've registered many Generation 1 Pokémon to your in-game Pokédex, typing in one of the letters of your anagram into the Pokédex's search bar may help to narrow down the solution.

These 7 Unown anagrams in the chambers can be solved daily. After completing them a total of 77 times, talk to Mystic Ugin at the Tanoby Ruins entrance and he will reward you with the Mystic Ticket.

After obtaining the Mystic Ticket, talk to the Ferry Captain at any island's port to travel to Navel Rock.

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    <p>Numbers have Changed </p>

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    <p>I suspect the numbers on the statues may vary from player to player, which I didn't realize when writing this. I've updated the guide to reflect this, thank you </p>

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