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  • Legendary Feathers
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In this guide we'll show you how to complete the "Feathers" quest needed to challenge the legendary bird trio in the Sevii Islands.

-Sevii Island main questline up until access to Rocket Warehouse must be complete

-Surf HM is required for feathers one and two

-Pokémon with a type that resists fire-type moves required for feather one

-Fire-type or fighting-type Pokémon required for feather two

To begin this quest, talk to Darlia at the top of Mt. Ember, located at the northernmost part of One Island. You can then start collecting three legendary bird feathers scattered across Sevii.

The first of these feathers is located in the middle of Mt. Ember 2F on a smoldering rock. Use a Pokémon with a type resistant to fire-type moves (fire, water, rock or dragon type) to retrieve the feather by interacting with the rock.

The next feather is at the bottom of Four Island's Icefall Cave, which you can descend to by pressing space on the ice tiles in Icefall Cave 1F.

Interact with the block of ice that has a Pokéball within it and use a fire-type or fighting-type Pokémon to take the feather inside.

The final feather is located in a generator in the northwest corner of Five Island's Rocket Warehouse. Press space on it and you'll be given a series of random numbers to input that must add up to between 90 and 100 to correct the voltage of the generator. Doing so will result in a fight with a level 100 Meowth, and upon winning the battle, the last legendary feather.

Return all three feathers to Darlia at Mt. Ember to finish the quest and unlock the daily legendary bird trio boss battle.

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